Friday, December 19, 2008

Sixth is a gem... Unsaid

Unsaid by Dave Schipper © 2006 Rose Riversongs

Your face, your eyes, you fill up my night dreams
Your words, your lies, take me to brink of screams
One day, you’ll see, there was nothing wrong with me
Til then, just breathe, the air of stupidity

Messages replayed
Chapters reread
Memories downplayed
But words can’t go….. unsaid.

That night dance floor, you said we would never part
Warm kiss drinks poured, held each other thru the dark
Then came that night, I caught you in another’s arms
Nough said, that bites, flip the bird you have such charm

Back off, you witch, did I say you are a whore?
Your loss, I’ll catch, a good woman to adore
Drink up last call, the first night of your regret
You’ll wind up small, wonderin’ where your friends all went

Notes: Ok Paula thought this one could be a Rose River song someday but Whore's got to go... Now... It could be bore without any problem, but com'on... when you're really ticked at someone you get seriously nasty about them. I don't know exactly where this feeling came from but I always wanted to give it to a friend named Jim. My little lead guitar was done with Ruby.... a guitar I sold to Lynn.

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