Friday, December 19, 2008

12--- Phonograph Blues

by Brad Beneke / Dave Schipper

Cigarette ash bridges the gap
From this nicotine stained soul
From the lip to the thought of this…
With a gin and tonic tabled halo

Angels singing somewhere south of heaven
A cancer stick a guitar lick
Hides the lies behind my personal heroin
In time to remind you of where you’ve been

A somber tune, in the key of blue
A phonograph recollection’s score
A verse covered in years of abuse
Like similar hands covered in scars chorus

The Washburn’s a little out of tune
Transcending sin and salvation
Just a gypsy singing right along
A communion of damnation Chorus

You never quite see what you mean
Secret thoughts once thought forgot
A man abandoned lost the dream
And the song ends without applause

But you never knew… what you meant
It was over the moment you left
Though the song still plays outloud
Haunt me from beyond your grave


In time to remind you of where you been

notes.... Another collab... this one we tweaked the words together a bit before I recorded a demo in the tradition of Bruce's Nebraska LP... very raw and stripped down. I thought that was right for it, so I left it alone.

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