Friday, December 19, 2008

Eight is a trip..Diamonds on her Shoes

Diamonds on her Shoes by Dave Schipper Rose Riversongs © 2005

She’s got diamonds on her shoes, she’s paid her dues
She’s slick as a cat, and that’s a fact.
Street worn, some bed sheets torn
Call her late, it’s worth the wait

The night is filled with souls like her
The devil has his cards laid out
It’s deuces wild, with Jacks better
Tonight the stakes might just be lights out

It’s just a sales trip, the Jack lets slip
Pocket full of cash, and his mind of ash
A night full of tricks, next day full of shit
He called her late, and it spelled his fate.

Back on the street, she does compete
She’s slick as a cat, and known for that
More diamonds on her shoes, she doesn’t lose
Call her late, and test your fate.

Notes: I really have no experience with a prostitute... really believe me. I have read stories, watched movies, and listened to truck drivers talk about lot lizards, so maybe that's where this came from. I do travel for work at times, but I do wonder about the professional sales person's life on the road. I believe this lyric is fun because it twists the popularity of poker, a pun twist of a John into a Jack, and it uses what everyone thinks is Paul Simon's song... but it isn't it mine... fttttttppp.

It also went thru a revision. It was first written and demo'd slow and bluesy like a Tom Waits song. I picked up the tempo the second recording. Here's a version of how it sounded originally.

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