Friday, December 19, 2008

13 --- 200 Left Turns

200 Left Turns Dave Schipper © 2007 Rose Riversongs ASCAP

Grab the wheel, and let’s go racin’
It’s Saturday, and I’ve started my engine
It’s the best thing you can do in dirt
Get ready for 200 left turns,
and one dang sweaty T-Shirt

Rev the engine, and pound the floorboard
Seconds are wastin’ in this old ford
There’s not a place I’d rather be
Get ready for 200 left turns,
and best dang race you’ll see.

Turn one, two, three four in a blur
Just hear those 8 cylinders purr
There’s a chump on my butt
We’re in it now 200 left turns
The dirt’s loose, eat my dust.

The jerk has spun me out
I scream some curses loud
From the dust cloud I ride
Out in search of his behind

Watch out honey, and don’t go pacin’
Racin’ is as natch to me as blinkin’
I’ve got my site set on a win tonight
I’m in it for 200 left turns,
and one dang grinding dog fight.

My friends help on my chasin
They know some bad blood is brewin
He sees me in his rear view mirror
I’ve got him in the next two turns
Just call me his cold shiver

I’m spitting his dust as the white flag flys
Every cylinder is giving it’s best try
You can see the fans stand to cheer
We just took our last left turn
And damn I’ll have to buy him a beer

Notes: maybe CD's usually only have 12 songs because no artist want to pick a song as the unlucky 13th? Well just for that I put this unlucky dirt track driver in the spot. The inspiration came from a bumper strip about Driving in Dirt... I don't remember it completely ... but it got me started. I had Jenny review all the facts to make sure I had the racing lingo right; and the percussion sounds like an oil can pumping in the background... It was an effect in garageband.... I picked it and just had to leave it in... it even wobbles back and forth from the left to right channel. HA.

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