Friday, December 19, 2008

16 Eight is Midnight ROSE RIVER live from the Freight House

Eight Is Midnight by Kolek/Schipper © Roseriversongs 2005

Tim tells his sad tale to some bad scotch
Margaretville, is all Dave’s got
Paula has a 5 O’clock blonde attitude
So crank up the sound and get in the mood

Follow the Mississippi moon shadow
Down Little Creek Road for dancing tonight
There’s a keg of the king so get down low
We’ll push back the clock, so eight is midnight

Adeline is fine for sweet cherry wine
But Sue’s on the edge cause it’s quittin time
We’ll drink Lynnie’s Lakewood Blues and be
Back to the keg king and good company


Our Ramblin Boy stops by with a friend
With guitar in hand and songs he penned.
So turn down the sound, and grab a chair
He’ll paint you a dream and take you there

note: Oh this one is fun... Rose River Live... I started writing this in the car after I saw a sign for Little Cedar Road. Of course my handwriting in the car while driving I thought it was Creek later. The song was really going nowhere and I forgot about it until Tim showed up a Sue's Birthday party with a demo of the piece that he wrote to it. He fixed it up and created the chorus. Later Shelly added a cool flute part. It's in every major set Rose River puts out.... Some day we'll get together and really record it with balance, bass and maybe even DRUMS.

The song is a patchwork of song titles, Scotch is a song Tim wrote. Margaritaville, 5 O'Clock Somewhere, Blonde Attitude, Moonshadow, Adeline, Lakewood Blues, Ramblin Boy, and Dream. Plus the line turn back the clock came from Finnegan's wake. So now you know the rest of the story.

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