Friday, February 19, 2010

Tenth ...California in my mind

California in my Mind by Dave Schipper © 2007 Rose Riversongs

Allison offers her breast for my head
I am wrapped up into the song.
Breath whispers, and a heartbeat
A song as old as the ages long.

California in my mind
California in my wine
Too many faces come and go
But California I love you so.

The morning begins right and slow
The gurgling coffee pot starts
Three anxious cats prowl for food
It’s just Saturday the first part.

The guitar hums it’s sad tune
There’s no chance to travel far
You’re just a thought in the afternoon.
But I’m left with this little scar.

Allison brings room service with a smile
I am wrapped up into the song.
A piano plays backgound for the miles
A song as old as the ages long.

notes... Ok Tim thinks this is my PG song, but I had Allison Sattinger's song "Come to Me" going through my head; and there's a part where she offers her chest for a head to rest. I just ran with it and put in everything that was happening that Saturday morning. I did get Allison's permission before I posted it... I ain't dumb and didn't want to offend an Angel. The last verse weaves two of her other songs into it too... I love that verse the most.

Here's my second video attempt to the song itself.... it won't win a grammy, but if it convinces you to spend $.99 on the song, then it was worth it.

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