Friday, January 9, 2009

The CD is live!

On January 9, 2009 with very little fanfare, the culmination of 3 years of writing, taping, editing, and even just networking came to a realization of a digital release of Gypsy Soul by Dave Zeman. What could have never happened 20 years ago is now over 60 minutes of unique music. A little help from friends brings the quality up a notch, and a little space from family allowed me to invest way more time to what many might consider a hobby. Oh but it’s more than a hobby. I have been passionate about music for all of my 50 years of existence. My eclectic tastes show up in this cd. A couple of favorite traditional songs, Family Tree which is a throw back folk melody, Unsaid which taps into my electric youth, Drift Away could easily find itself on an America cd, and story songs are abound everywhere. If you can’t tell a story in 4 minutes, is it really a song? Mr. Tangerine really is one of my cats, though all the verses have accumulated over time.

Tim Kolek, Paula Przywojski, and Shelly Pederson of Rose River show up on the live tracks 16-18, Nichola O’Donnell is lead on Flowers of the Forest, and Kim Davidson sings the melody she wrote to my words on Opposite Destiny. The Blondettes are Lynn Konsella and Sue Hayman on track 18. It truly was hard to follow that song, but I thought Abilene was a nice send off.

Are 19 songs too many? Well over 10 more were weeded out, so I have a great start on the next CD. All the lyrics and stories behind the songs are posted below. Yes I'm finding the unique way to release a cd that would never happen, but it's exactly what a songwriter wants, an opportunity to share at a very reasonable price to me and to you.

18 songs for $9.99? You can't go wrong... sign on to iTunes and search Zeman, and start feasting.
01 Gypsy Soul 3:48 Dave Schipper
02 Flowers of the forest 4:30 Dave Schipper
03 St. James Infirmary 3:18 Traditional
04 Family Tree 1:57 Dave Schipper
05 Opposite Destiny 4:01 Kim Davidson/Dave Schipper
06 Unsaid 2:40 Dave Schipper
07 Baptized in Blood 3:00 Brad Beneke/Dave Schipper
08 Diamonds on her Shoes 3:03 Dave Schipper
09 This lady 2:56 Dave Schipper
10 California in my Mind 3:45 Dave Schipper
11 Drift Away 4:02 Dave Schipper
12 Phonograph Blues 4:02 Brad Beneke/Dave Schipper
13 200 left turns 4:04 Dave Schipper
14 Julia 3:23 Dave Schipper
15 Mr. Tangerine Man 5:06 Dave Schipper
16 Eight is Midnight 3:27 Tim Kolek/Dave Schipper
17 Denim and Lace 3:46 Dave Schipper
18 Blonde Attitude 3:12 Dave Schipper
19 Abilene 2:21 Traditional

© 2008 Rose Riversongs ASCAP


  1. i've taken the moniker, too, but still wonder what cold be the gypsy music above

  2. Wait 4-6 weeks and go to iTunes.. otherwise... bounce around to the other sites.... you'll find out different spots to listen and sometimes get free downloads.